What is Tree Trimming?

Have you ever walked in certain neighborhoods and admired the garden and lawns that they have? While this may appear like a pipe dream, it is actually possible and Tree Service Sylvania Ohio has the answer for this. One of the significant bits about your landscape is the state of your trees. Tree trimming is a service that allows us to shape your trees and give them an appealing look. With properly maintained trees, the rest becomes much easier and you can have your dream garden.


Why trim trees?

As mentioned the main reason for trimming trees is to shape them. This requires great skills as it needs to be artistic. When trees are trimmed, the growth is enhanced as any diseased parts are eliminated. Sunlight is one of the essentials for proper tree growth and you may realize that some parts of the tree are not getting exposure to sunlight. Trimming some branches will help open up the spaces such that the trees will get sunlight.

If you have branches that have overgrown and pose a threat to your structures or utility lines, you will need to have these trimmed as well. If you contact an inexperienced person, they may convince you to cut down the trees, which is not necessary.

DIY tree trimming

Are you considering trimming trees yourself? This is not a wise move and it is best to leave this task to qualified arborists. We will come and analyze your trees and diagnose them in the right manner. We know when to trim the trees and the right way to go about it, without exposing the trees to undue danger. The process itself is quite risky and you may end up with injuries from falling parts or lack of the skills to operate the tools.

Besides this, DIY may force you to carry out unnecessary repairs, which can be averted by hiring a professional tree company. You may use your chainsaw to trim a branch, which may end up on top of your vehicle or the roof of your home. This will cause significant damages and while you may have assumed that the DIY tree trimming process, will save you some money, you will end with a hefty bill for repairs.

Right time to trim trees

Have you had an experience when trees were trimmed and instead of thriving they ended up becoming weak, and even die? This may be as a result of trimming trees at the wrong time. For instance, there are trees that may lose a lot of sap, when they are trimmed in active seasons. Sap flows through the trees and supplies all the nutrients to all parts of the tree. If the sap bleeds out, the tree may wither and die.

Do not take the risk of allowing rookies to trim trees or even assume that you can do this. Tree Service Sylvania Ohio has qualified arborists who will handle your trees with utmost care. Call us today and we will be happy to give you a free quote.